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Something About Garden Hose Pump Jobs
April 26, 2011

Other than the main function of watering your lawn or garden, you can use garden hose pumps for a variety of purposes. They can be used to pump water out of your basement in case of flooding or drain blockages.They can also be used to pump water out of other areas around your house like an above ground or an in ground pool, your boat, or even a pond or lake on your property. Pond and lake water can also be used to water your lawn and plants with this handy device. Doing it this way will cut down on your water bill and is a great way to naturally recycle rain water.

Garden hose pumps are able to supply an ordinary water hose with a much greater amount of water pressure than a normal faucet or spigot can provide. This increased amount of water pressure is useful if you are washing your car or truck, rinsing off your driveway, garage floor and sidewalks, or using the water pressure to clean other items and surfaces. Some water hoses cannot handle the pressure of the pumps suction so buying one that is heavy duty might be necessary to make full use of the larger pumps.Most of them are made from cast iron steel or stainless steel and include an adapter so it fits easily on your hose and a strainer to prevent unwanted materials from clogging up the pump.They can either be powered by electricity or gasoline. These pumps come in a variety of sizes and horsepower strengths but are primarily designed to be used for small jobs. But you can also find models that operate without the use of any electricity or motors. These pumps are usually around $20 instead of the larger motorized versions that are priced over $100.

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