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Lightweight Race Hose and Car's Performance
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Lightweight Race Hose and Car's Performance
April 27, 2011

Using a lightweight hose can reduce the overall weight of a race car, which is critical even when racing in a class with minimum weight limits. Racing hoses, often called "plumbing lines," allow mechanics to shave off weight and help the car reach its full racing potential. Race hoses might seem to be a little thing, but when added up, there can be as much as 40 feet of tubing installed in the usual stock car that has a dry-sump oiling system. There are fuel lines, water coolant lines, power steering, oil lines, etc. - and each can be tweaked to your advantage!And, don't forget the hose fittings! The weight of hose fittings can make a difference in performance as well. Hose fittings come in various shapes, sizes, and bends to fit any type of race hose. The hose fittings can be permanent, adjustable, swiveling, or re-usable. Look for hose fittings made of anodised aluminum; these are lightweight and reliable. Goodridge offers a wide range of hose fittings for its race hoses, including a G-Line Hydraulic swage/crimp machine for mechanics that want to create their own custom race hoses and fittings.

Before choosing races hoses and hose fittings, look for features that meet the needs of your car. Consider temperature and pressure resistance as well as the overall flow rate. Be sure the hose is lightweight without sacrificing quality, and check for compatibility with the fittings and type of fuel you plan to use. The hose should also be easy to clean.Plan ahead when installing your hoses and fittings to be sure they will fit properly so you won't have to cut and re-size them or re-order them later. Re-ordering high quality hoses and fittings can get to be very expensive. To prepare for installation, be sure all racing hardware is in the proper place, such as the oil tank, fuel cell, oil pump, coolant reservoir, and filter. Any hardware that will be attached to a race hose and/or hose fitting should be double-checked for proper positioning before getting started to save time and money later.


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